Viral infectious diseases represent a worldwide threat to public health and economy.

Activities of the group include surveillance, diagnosis, outbreak investigations, molecular epidemiology and immunity against various viral diseases. Information on virus prevalence, variability and pathogenicity is important to public health decision makers to control and manage infectious diseases.

As WHO Collaborating Centre for Measles and European Regional Reference Laboratory for Measles and Rubella, the interdisciplinary team has initiated research, capacity building and quality assurance projects in numerous countries.

Besides the worldwide WHO laboratory network, major collaborators include the Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs in Luxembourg as well as the Avian Influenza and Newcastle disease network and the Institut Pasteur du Laos.

Research projects

  • WHO National Reference Laboratory for Measles and Rubella, National Reference Laboratory for avian influenza and Newcastle disease : laboratory diagnosis of cases in Luxembourg, national disease surveillance
  • WHO European Regional Reference Laboratory for Measles and Rubella: case and outbreak confirmation, virus characterization and molecular epidemiology, quality assurance of laboratory testing for WHO National Reference Laboratories in 22 countries, capacity building
  • Microbiology for Development IV and Luxembourg-Laos Partnership for Research and Capacity Building in Infectious Disease Surveillance (PaReCIDS): surveillance of viral diseases of public health and economic relevance, capacity building
  • Nucleic acid signatures of elusive pathogens (NUPATH): development of the Next Generation Sequencing technology for the detection and characterization of viral and bacterial pathogens
  • Diverse funding sources supporting smaller projects or specific studies on viral infections

Featured Publications

Comprehensive surveillance data suggest a prominent role of parvovirus B19 infection in Belarus and the presence of a third subtype within subgenotype 1a.

  • Clinical and Applied Virology
January 13, 2021
2021 Jan. Sci Rep.11(1):1225.
  • Yermalovich MA
  • Dronina AM
  • Semeiko GV
  • Samoilovich EO
  • Khrustalev VV
  • Sausy A
  • Hubschen JM.

Timeliness of immunisation with the pentavalent vaccine at different levels of the health care system in the Lao People's Democratic Republic: A cross-sectional study.

  • Clinical and Applied Virology
December 08, 2020
2020 Dec. PLoS One.15(12):e0242502.
  • Hefele L
  • Syphan S
  • Xayavong D
  • Homsana A
  • Kleine D
  • Chanthavilay P
  • Nouanthong P
  • Xaydalasouk K
  • Phathammavong O
  • Billamay S
  • Xeuatvongsa A
  • Reinharz D
  • Black AP
  • Muller CP.
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